Polson Iron WorksG.R. Geary

The G.R.Geary, tug, was built by Polson Iron Works for the City of Toronto in 1912, and owned by the City until 1954

In 1968 the owner is listed as the 'Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.' Perhaps the change in ownership was simply due to a name change by the City.

The sixty-six foot tug was then bought by Ship Repairs & Supplies, Ltd., Toronto. The hull was stripped, and sank in the slip. It was raised on October 8, 1970. Still supported by a floating derrick, she was towed by tugs ARGUE MARTIN and SOULANGES to Hamilton, Ontario, where she was scrapped in the summer of 1972.

Information quoted from and photo reproduced with permission of the Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. http://ul.bgsu.edu/cgi-bin/xvsl2.cgi