Polson Iron WorksSequin freighter

The Seguin, a freight steamer, was the second ship built by Polsons at their shipyard at Owen Sound in 1890. A detailed description of the life of this vessel can be found at the article, "Ship of the Month No. 25 Seguin", a newsletter of the Toronto Marine Historical Society.

The Mills List, Update September 04, says:

"Seguin (5098) 207x34x13, 818 gross tons.

Owned by Parry Sound Navigation Co. 1890; J. B. Miller, 1895, 1906; Parry Sound Transportation Co. 1907, 1913; to A. B. Mackay, Hamilton 1916; Canada Steamship Lines 1917. Built by Polson Iron Works, Owen Sound and launched July 16, 1890. Engine 17-28-46x30 by builder. Freighter, steel cargo ship.

The Seguin rammed and sank American steamer "City of Venice" 04/08/02 [that's 1902] Rondeau Ont., 3 killed."

Over its lifetime it was renamed Mapleboro (1920), City of Montreal (1925), and Arvida (1926).